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Treasure. It has been lusted after for centuries and I one of the most desirable collections in the world. This is mostly because treasure (gold, silver, ect.) means wealth and such a thing immediately promotes you in social-class. Humans have a need for money; it makes them feel powerful and in-control. This, in some cases, is true. Some people will do anything for money, which automatically makes wealthy humans powerful.
Men have spent years searching for treasure. They are determined to find unbelievable riches that possibly don’t exist. But does that stop them? Of course not. James Spinner was one of these stubborn explorers. He had searched every continent for its treasure, and had gotten quite rich, but this was not enough for him. James wanted to claim all the riches for himself so no man could be wealthier than him.
His search had led him to the high cliffs of Asia. James was an adventurer, so naturally he was able to navigate through the rocky terrain alone. Gripping the edge of a rock he hauled himself onto a wide ledge. Once he was securely on top, James dusted off his pants and observed this area of the cliff. It was hard to breathe at this altitude and he doubted that anyone had said foot here for a very long time. James turned around and was surprised to see an enormous cave before him. Maybe someone has been here, He thought, noticing that the cave looked like it had been carved from the stone.
Nonetheless, James ventured inside the amazing shelter, admiring the Chinese symbols carved into the walls. He didn’t understand Chinese, so the messages did little more than give him something to look at. It was then a glittering pile caught his eye. At the end of the cave, a hefty load of jewels and golden coins lay in heap. His eyes widened, kneeling down and staring at the shining riches. It was odd for them to be giving off such a shine when very little light was in the cave, but James didn’t stop to think about it. He was completely consumed in a hungry greed.
With a shaky hand, he reached out and felt the treasure. He ran his fingers over the icy gems, feeling their edges and savoring every moment. But after a few more minutes James stopped himself and remembered that these jewels were nothing if he didn’t cash them in. Hastily, he made a move to start gathering the riches. However, it was then he noticed the ruby on his hand. James slowly tried to take it off his palm, but the jewel remained in place. He then realized it didn’t feel like a precious stone at all…more like a scale. In vague panic, James attempted to flick off the scale but it remained where it was. In fact, as he examined closer, it was attached to his skin. And the short time he had taken to look at his new scale, the red plates were beginning to sprout all over his opposite arm. With a muted gasp of shock, James could only watch as scales gradually crawled all over his body.
But while scales were still spreading, he acknowledged that his fingernails were growing and becoming thick, black and sharp. Right before his eyes he saw his thumb travel back to his forearm and become a mere talon. James stumbled backward, gripping his chest in alarm. But in doing so he ripped his shirt; the claws were now over three inches long and sharp as knives. Tearing his shirt off the rest of the way revealed that the sleek, reptilian scales had covered his chest in armor-like plates, now growing down into his genital region.
Now his boots felt tight. He slipped them off, along with his socks, and revealed that they had met the same feat as his hands. Heart racing, James made a run for the exit. But then it hit him: The treasure. He turned back around, his greed triumphing in even the worst situation. But suddenly, an immense weight fell upon his back. He then realized his shadow now had two looming shapes on either shoulder. Wings.

James let out a yell of terror. It was all so clear now; he was turning into a dragon. But why? James groaned in pain as his body enlarged until ripping away all remaining clothing. He felt a tail slowly emerge from behind, then his face lengthened into a thick snout. With the transformation nearly complete, he glanced over at the treasure and found it had  become nothing but sand. James roared in rage feeling a burning sensation build in his throat. Soon enough an impressive jet of flame exploded from his mouth, burning the wall beside him.
A dragon? How is this possible? Dragons aren’t real! Even if they were, people don’t magically turn into them! James thought, glancing down at his deadly claws. Suddenly, he saw light. He looked up and saw that the ancient symbols on the wall were now glowing, slightly blackened from his flame. His golden eyes widened as a women stepped out of the wall. She looked somewhat transparent and wore ancient Chinese clothing. Surprisingly, she smiled at him.
“Greed is a monster.” The Asian woman explained, approaching him. She softly stroked his face, caressing his scales as carefully as he had done to the treasure. And he found himself doing nothing to protest. In fact, James was making a purr-like noise of pleasure. “You are greedy, my friend, and so you bare the skin of the monster inside you.”
Will I ever turn back? He asked through his mind, somehow knowing she would understand.
She answered quickly: “No. But with this new life you may prove yourself.” The woman stepped back, much to James’ disappointment. But now that she was away, a sudden rage took over him. He felt the need to blame her for turning him into a dragon; a monster. With anger came the burning sensation in his throat. He unclenched his jaw and let a burst of flame straight toward the woman. She showed no emotion as the fire hit her and engulfed her body. An unusual amount of smoke billowed up and around the cave, yet James found it easy to breathe. He roared in triumph. Let her burn for transforming me into such a beast! Burn in Hell, witch! James growled. Then he paused. Oh my God…I am a monster. I just killed an innocent person! Oh God! He flapped his wings, chasing away the smoke. James prepared to stare at her burnt body, but instead he saw…nothing. She was gone.
After a final look around the cave, James prowled to the edge of the shelter. And then, he had taken flight. He soared through the sky,  alone and full of regret.

James Miller, a treasure-hunter, follows his greed into an ancient cave...and regrets it.
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Shaprite91 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Greed turns people into monsters. Sometimes literally. XD
Chocolatezelda Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Drago transformation stories are some of my favourite!🐲
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Greed can be a powerful ally in the right motives, but unfortunately, most people lose that motive after seeing something amazing and try to claim it as their own, consuming them and making them into monsters! Such is the human way of life. You showed that extremely well in this story! Excellent! ^^
thegrace Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
Thank you!
OscarHult Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
A cursed treasure and a dragon sequence :D I'd also have this idea a while ago but I figured out that I'd just couldn't get the word down on the paper... :P
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