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It was a humid Friday afternoon. Halie Lichen was walking home from school with a couple of her friends. They were giggling and gossiping as they always did, spreading little rumors amongst themselves.
“Did you see Janna’s boots?” Halie asked with a big grin. “They looked like the pair I donated to Good Will!”
Her blonde friend laughed. “Probably cuz they were. It’s all bargains, no style for that girl, I swear.” Halie smirked in agreement, before waving her friend good-bye as they each went to their separate houses.
She continued the rest of her walk with a smile, hugging her school-books into her chest. Halie had an excellent life; friends, love and a very a good popularity-status. She didn’t think it could get any better!
As she was nearing home, Halie accidentally let a math paper slip from her hold. She sighed in frustration and went to pick it up, but the light breeze carried to the grassy area near a couple of bushes. Halie leaned down to grab it, when a light growling noise reached her ears. She froze and in return got sprayed with a stinky liquid.
Halie stumbled back, spitting and screaming in disgust. “Eww! Skunk!” She hollered, kicking her feet. A solid black skunk wandered out from the bush, glaring with its strange white eyes as it scampered away.
Quickly, Halie gathered her papers and ran home, where her mother prepared a tomato-juice bath. But even after the red-bathing she still stunk, maybe even worse than before. Sobbing in humiliation, Halie went her room with a tomato-stained robe on.
She stared into her mirror, drying her hair. Noticing a light shine, she peered closer, soon seeing white hairs amongst her ebony locks. Halie gave a muted gasp, watching as the white devoured the previously black strands in a perfect stripe. It slightly resembled a skunk’s fur…
“Mom!” She shrieked, but Halie soon remembered that her parents had gone out to dinner this evening, just after giving a tomato-bath. It was just her and her little brother alone. And he ran into the room at his sister’s cry.
The five-year-old swung open the door, wide-eyed. “What’s the matter…Hal?” He took a long pause, staring at her as if she had just grown another head. His brows rose. “You like a…a…skunk! And you stink like one too!” He yelled, pointing and giggling.
Halie, now in tears, glared and let out a growl-like noise. “Shut up Jim, you little twerp! Something’s going on…something weird…” She looked back into the mirror to discover her face was now covered in a short coat of black fur, and the stripe in her hair continued onto her nose. Halie slapped her hands over her mouth in disbelief.
“Oh dear God.” She murmured and watched the fur spread across her arms at a surprisingly speedy rate. Halie then uncovered her face to find her nose was now black and moist. She fell to her knees, sobbing while her brother just laughed tauntingly.
Jim said: “You’re turning into a skunk!” He giggled and ran over to pet her fur. His merriment grew louder as she felt a bulge in her spine. A bony, disgusting thing was snaking its way out of her tailbone. The new, horribly body-part shuddered and then became covered in black fur. A white stripe lines it as well. “And you’ve got a tail!” Jim exclaimed ecstatically, and tugged on it roughly, as if confirming it was real.
Halie winced as he pulled, and suddenly sprayed him from a new gland in her backside. Jim screamed and jumped away, wiping his eyes and crying. She gasped in horror at what she had done, for it happened all on its own.
“I hate you!” He shouted, trying to rid himself of the awful smell. “I’m glad you’re gonna be a skunk! I hope you’re a skunk forever and ever!” Jim then continued to sob as Halie’s transformation progressed. Her ears became small, yet efficient and her pretty face became a snout. She curled into a tight ball, feeling bones shift rapidly as they raced to catch up with her changing appearance. Her bubble-gum pink fingernails become little black claws and her fingers become stubs of their former glory. Halie kept thinking: This isn’t real. Weird stuff like this doesn’t happen!
Then, as the transformation reached its climax, her structure began to reduce in size. The bedroom around her became bigger as she shrunk to the size of a loaf of bread. Her bathrobe piled around she peered up with her still-human blue eyes. But with a simple blink, they too were reduced to the feral eyes of a frightened animal.
The skunk crawled out of the towel and began to grunt frantically at her little brother. Jim was still crying softly. He glowered down at her with bloodshot eyes and then went to open the window. “Mom says no animals in the house, Hal.” He muttered bitterly, and in one swift motion tossed her outside.
Halie fell to the earth and stared longingly back at her window. She was an animal now. Her parents would never believe her brother’s story, if he even told them. He was so upset. With watery black eyes, Halie turned and started toward the bushes.
However, just before she turned to greet her new life, she saw Jim, still glaring at her from the house. But there was something different. And Halie noticed, with wide yes, that a white stripe was starting to form down his face.

Halie Lichen has everything a girl could want. But when a skunk sprays her after school one day, she starts to see the other side of life. And it really stinks.
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MerskunkWater Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
You should make a part 2
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This story was really heartfelt. I mean, here you have a kind girl, who comes across something weird and is forced out of her life and she also hurts her brother's feelings in the process, making him alienating her from his life. I feel really bad for Halie here.

Why did you do this, Grace? I know that you're involved in this somehow so spill it! How could you let that girl lose herself?
thegrace Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
The world works in interesting ways. Maybe things will turn out for the better. Who knows? (;
Jonjoe-mossy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
Welldone man on another great story...really like the innocence of the child as he laughs at the girl while she's transforming!
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
life is really stinky and she should know, great job mate :)
thegrace Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
Haha, so true. And thanks. (:
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
no probs :)
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